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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy AdelaideIf you’ve been trying to lose weight and struggling, or successfully losing weight and then gaining it right back there might be more to it than simple bad eating. Weight loss hypnosis is not about diets, programs or nutrition education but about habits, patterns of behaviour and emotional cycles. When you create a successful mindset you create successful weight loss which is has beneficial impact across your life and stops you feeling like you are on a constant diet. Healthy choices mean healthy results and weight loss hypnotherapy is all about helping you default to choosing healthy options without even having to think about it.

In it’s simplest terms weight loss is really about energy in vs energy out. It seems straight forward to consume less calories than you use to lose weight but somehow it just isn’t as easy as that. When something so black and white goes grey there’s got to be something more to it and usually that something more is your mindset. Relationships with food and exercise can become influenced by our moods, learnt eating behaviours or simply failing to stop and think about how the food you are eating may affect your body.

When you book for Weight Loss Hypnotherapy you can expect to cover:

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Responding to emotions appropriately
  • Rediscovering your full signals
  • Remove self sabotaging behaviours
  • Stop negative thinking and break the cycle of negativity (get frustrated because you eat and then eat because your frustrated and then get frustrated that you’ve eaten again)
  • Be more motivated to move your body
  • Understand how to normalise and reset your relationship to food
  • Clear any emotional baggage that may be causing you to hold onto unwanted weight
  • Identify unconscious reasons your body may have to want to hold onto excess weight
  • Becoming more mindful of your choices and choosing what really is the best option for you
  • Increased satisfaction from healthy foods and decreased satisfaction from junk foods
  • Anything else that you personally may require to help you succeed.

As you can see, Lifestyle Hypnosis has you covered when it comes to weight loss hypnosis. There are plenty of reviews from previous clients who have all been satisfied with their tailored weight loss hypnotherapy program. Are you ready to be the next client to enjoy the benefits of weight loss hypnosis?

Ready To Clear The Mental Hurdles To Dropping KGs?

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy program consists of 4 sessions and an additional 2 sessions after are suggested. Each session should be 1 – 2 weeks apart.

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What Past Weight Loss Clients Have Said

I really enjoyed the experience, it was so relaxing and not daunting at all.  I went great for the 1st 4-5 weeks, didn’t crave anything or didn’t feel like I was missing out on food etc, but I do feel now that I have let things slip and I am looking forward to my next session to get back on track!! I classed my experience as having the devil on my shoulder knocked off and the angel the dominant – I still had to use willpower but it didn’t feel as if I had to use it so strongly.

Ben makes you feel relaxed and confident. I have a different outlook on my diet. Overall a great experience.

Initially I was a little skeptical, however I found the experience to be very professional and enjoyable. The reinforcement provided by hypnosis assisted my weight loss process. Above all else it was the most relaxing experience.

What’s Different:
Better food choices.
Willpower to mindfully recognise what are/are not good food choices.
Deciding when I am really hungry and need to eat.
Eat for eating sake and not for food sake!

Ben was terrific, the whole experience was thought provoling, and I learned a lot about myself and why I adopt some destructive behaviours – and how to deal with them. I feel more self-confident and am much more comfortable with asserting myself. I am learning to put my needs first, rather than everybody else’s.

It was a really enjoyable experience. Ben is a true professional and was great to work with. I am conscious of my actions and my thoughts around them. I have not lost all the weight I was planning but it will slowly happen. The location and times were convenient. Communications were easy and Ben was flexible with session times. I just wish I could afford to visit him more often!


*These reviews are the comments of individual people and as such their results may vary from your own.