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Terms and Policies

By booking any appointment, package or arranging meetings with Lifestyle Hypnosis the following terms and conditions apply. Booking services by Lifestyle Hypnosis constitutes agreement to the following terms and conditions.

No Show Policy

If you fail to arrive to your appointment with Lifestyle Hypnosis without notice you will be charged a $50 ‘No Show’ fee. Notice will be considered as being given if you communicate your intention to not keep your appointment before 1 hour of your appointments scheduled start time. Phone calls, SMS messages, emails, booking system cancellations or voice mail messages constitute giving notice.

A ‘No Show’ will also count as a use of 1 session within a prepaid session package if purchased. For example if you have purchased 4 sessions and fail to arrive to your third appointment without notice, the third session becomes forfeit and your next session will count as your fourth.

If more than one ‘No Show’ appointments occur it will result in an entire session package (including booster sessions within the Quit Smoking package) becoming forfeit without refund.

Where a ‘No Show’ fee is unpaid, Lifestyle Hypnosis may cancel and decline future service until this fee is paid. We are reasonable and will take specific circumstances into account where a fee waiver is requested (for example, if you were hospitalised the morning of your appointment we will waive the fee upon seeing a medical certificate).

Late Notice Policy

Lifestyle Hypnosis requires 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule appointments. Where appointments are cancelled within 1 – 24 hours of an appointment it is considered ‘Late Notice’. Where less than 1 hours notice is given it is considered ‘No Show’ and the ‘No Show’ policy applies.

Lifestyle Hypnosis is understanding that there may be circumstances where a need to reschedule may arise so we will be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs and will not charge a fee however repeated ‘Late Notice’ cancellations or rescheduling may result in forfeit of any unused sessions within a package without refund or Lifestyle Hypnosis declining to schedule any future appointments with you.

Appointment Arrival Time Policy

At Lifestyle Hypnosis appointment duration may vary from appointment to appointment. While appointments are scheduled to allow for longer sessions sometimes the appointment duration can mean one appointment is only wrapping up shortly before your appointment is due to start. As Lifestyle Hypnosis takes privacy very seriously and it may make other clients feel uncomfortable to know another person is in the next room we ask that you arrive to your appointment no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the commencement of your appointment time and if a session is still in progress at the time of your arrival that you wait in the hall way for the session to be completed.

Also at times you may find that you are running late for your appointment. Where this is the case we appreciate a quick message to advise how late you will be. There is no requirement however after 10 minutes Lifestyle Hypnosis may call to establish if you are running late or no longer able to keep your appointment. After 15 minutes of lateness and no contact your appointment will be recorded as ‘No Show’ and the ‘No Show’ policy will be applied.

When it is established that you are running late we will continue to hold your appointment for up to 20 minutes beyond it’s scheduled start time. If your going to be more than 20 minutes late we ask that you reschedule your appointment for another time. Being over 20 minutes late may mean at times that Lifestyle Hypnosis will not be able to complete a full session with you. If you chose to continue with a partial session (where one is offered) the full session fee is still applied and a full session is used if you have a package. Lifestyle Hypnosis may also decline to continue with your session and request that you reschedule if you are more than 20 minutes late depending on the schedule of that day.

Depending on the circumstances of your late arrival Lifestyle Hypnosis may choose to enact the ‘No Show’ policy or the ‘Late Notice’ policy. Lifestyle Hypnosis may also choose to take no further action other than rescheduling your appointment. We are reasonable and will take circumstances into account on a case by case basis.

Short Notice / No Show By Lifestyle Hypnosis

As a sole trader Ben Liston, the hypnotherapist, operates Lifestyle Hypnosis without assistance. This means that from time to time, Lifestyle Hypnosis may not be able to complete hypnotherapy appointments as scheduled in circumstances such as illness or emergency, matters of urgency that cannot be delayed or other unforeseeable reasons.

Where it is possible you will be given 24 hours or more notice that your appointment will need to be rescheduled. In many circumstances however this may not be possible (such as illness or emergency) and where this is the case as much notice as possible will be given. If it occurs that your appointment is affected in this way we ask for your patience and understanding and will endeavour to reschedule your appointment to another suitable time for you. As a first preference we will phone and aim to speak to you directly and reschedule your appointment immediately however where we are unable to reach you or unable to phone, a message will be left.

Notice by Lifestyle Hypnosis may be sent via telephone call, voice mail message, SMS message or email. Prior to leaving for your appointment we advise to check your email and telephone messages to ensure that no message has been left. Where we are unable to speak directly to you, we ask that you respond via email or SMS message to confirm you are aware of the need to reschedule and the best time to reach you to arrange the rescheduling.

Where Lifestyle Hypnosis fails to notify you that your appointment requires rescheduling or reschedules your appointment more than twice in a row, Lifestyle Hypnosis may offer you an additional session at a reduced cost. The minimum reduction in cost will match the client ‘No Show’ fee (currently $50). Failure to read or listen to notice of rescheduling does not constitute a Lifestyle Hypnosis ‘No Show’ and will not entitle you to a reduced fee regardless of whether you attended the office of Lifestyle Hypnosis or not. The reduced fee applies only where no notice is sent and the reduction amount is not redeemable as cash (see ‘Refund Policy’).

The instances where the need to reschedule your appointment is rare and it is unlikely you will be affected by this policy, but we trust that you will understand in those rare instances where it is required and thank you for your patience.

Session Package Terms

Session packages are individual products offering different combinations of sessions depending on the package type. When accepting a package you are required to purchase the package in full and pay the fee associated to that package in full. Each individual session within the package does not carry a fee unless otherwise stated. Where instalment payments are offered it is expected that you will commit to the number of sessions within the package and your hypnotherapy program will be tailored based on the assumption of completing your hypnotherapy package. Where instalments are not completed, and hypnosis sessions remain unused, there is no entitlement to those sessions unless the package fee has already been paid. Instalments are not available unless negotiated in advance of your first appointment. In some instances a value may be assigned to a session for the purpose of instalment payments and in some invoicing for insurance purposes. This value does not constitute a payment of the session as the fee paid is for the package product and not individual sessions.

Refund Policy

Lifestyle Hypnosis strictly enforces a no refund policy.

No session is offered with a money back guarantee and no request for refund for services already provided will be considered for any reason.

Where a session package has been purchased and you are unable to complete all of the sessions within that package due to illness, personal circumstances or other extraordinary circumstances beyond your control Lifestyle Hypnosis will hold and defer your sessions for a term agreed by both parties. Where length of deferment is not prearranged or agreed to, the length of deferment shall be 12 months after the initial appointment.

Where a session package has been purchased and you make the choice to discontinue hypnotherapy prior to using all of the included sessions within that package, your sessions will automatically be deferred for 12 months from the date of the first session and after that time become forfeit. There will be no refund, full or partial, where you have chosen to discontinue hypnotherapy for any reason, including complaints. If you have any concerns about continuing with hypnotherapy or complaints it is your responsibility to communicate this to Lifestyle Hypnosis in order resolve any issues to your satisfaction at the time of the concern.

Unused sessions within a package are not transferable. If you have sessions remaining within a package that you will not use, those sessions become forfeit after the deferment period. Lifestyle Hypnosis may enter into negotiation to waive this policy and allow transferring of sessions for a fee which is payable by the recipient of the transferred sessions should transfer of sessions be successfully negotiated.

Where Lifestyle Hypnosis deems that it cannot continue to offer you service on an ongoing basis and you have unused sessions within a previously purchased package, Lifestyle Hypnosis will in this circumstance only refund you a maximum of $100 per session cancelled (not including ‘Booster Sessions’ within the Quit Smoking package). Where the reason of discontinuing service by Lifestyle Hypnosis is due to threatening, harassing, unwelcome or antisocial behaviour entitlement to refund will become void.

Complaints Policy

Lifestyle Hypnosis follows a complaint process that places emphasis on communication. We openly welcome complaints and seek to resolve them as soon as possible. Each complaint received is viewed as an opportunity to get stronger as a hypnosis centre and become better at what we do. While complaints are extremely rare, we understand that from time to time they do occur. In order to assist in the resolution of your complaint should you have one we ask that you raise a complaint with following in mind:

1. Complaints should be raised at the time they are occurring. Delaying the complaint beyond 3 months makes it more difficult to resolve any complaint to your satisfaction.

2. Complaints should be made via telephone or in writing directly with Lifestyle Hypnosis in the first instance.

3. Complaints will be responded to within 10 working days of receiving them. When raising a complaint please include the details of the complaint, the reason a complaint needs to be raised, what you would like to see happen to resolve the complaint and a reasonable time frame in which you would like to see complaint resolved. Where the complaint is valid and the expected resolution is reasonable you will find that your complaint will be resolved very quickly in most instances.

4. A feedback only complaint means that we will review our processes for future clients however will take no further action in the resolution of complaint you have raised. In some circumstances acknowledging feedback and reviewing processes for future clients is a valid outcome of a complaint. You are able to raise a complaint and specify that it is a feedback only complaint if this is appropriate for your situation.

5. A resolution to a complaint will not be a refund, no exceptions. Please accept that refunds will not be issued in resolution to a complaint when determining what you would deem to be a reasonable resolution. This will avoid delays in your complaint being resolved.

6. If during a complaint effective, rational or constructive communication becomes an issue, Lifestyle Hypnosis may advise that a reasonable period of non-communication be placed into affect in attempt to restore calm and constructive communication. Where complaints become aggressive, abusive, disrespectful or threatening in any way Lifestyle Hypnosis reserves the right to cease communication indefinitely.

To raise a complaint, you can email or phone 0406 482 425 or send a written letter to the following address:

Lifestyle Hypnosis
Room 8 / 22 Divett Street

Further Information

For further information, please contact us and we will be happy to clarify any information within these terms and conditions.