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quit marijuana hypnotherapy adelaideWhen it comes time to stop smoking marijuana you may be surprised to find that it isn’t as easy as you thought. Although there’s little to no chemical addiction with marijuana there is still psychological addiction. Becoming reliant on marijuana to relax, to manage pain or to maintain your social life is a real problem for many smokers and when your situation changes from time to time, sometimes the desire to smoke can change with it. Quit marijuana hypnotherapy can give you the tools to be successful in letting go of even the heaviest habits.

So often I hear about smokers who have tried to quit smoking marijuana the same way that would try to stop smoking cigarettes and being surprised that it doesn’t work. Quitting marijuana smoking is not the same as quitting tobacco smoking. Whilst it’s true there are some parallels between the two, for the most part they are very different. They affect you differently, they have different drivers and reasons for smoking behind them and there’s the obvious difference in legality. This means the quit marijuana hypnotherapy you receive should also be different.

The best way to let go of an old habit such as smoking is to let your subconscious mind know it’s time to let it go. Marijuana most likely played a role in your life that even though has changed dramatically is still needed, like relaxation for example.

Quit marijuana hypnotherapy will help you:

  • Let go of old connections to marijuana.
  • Find new solutions to relieve stress, be social or fulfil what ever function marijuana used to fill.
  • Control the compulsion or craving to smoke.
  • Handle situations where you remain friends with current smokers.
  • Clear your mind and find motivation to reach your other goals.
  • Anything else you may specifically need to be successful.

When you come to Lifestyle Hypnosis to quit marijuana smoking you are met with an open mind and no judgement at all. I would not offer the service of helping you quit marijuana smoking if I was not completely open to helping you.

The only requirement of booking in for quit marijuana hypnotherapy is that you DO NOT SMOKE on the day of your appointment.

If the time has come for you to move on, book a session and look forward to stopping at the end of your first session. Besides the requirement to not smoke marijuana on the day of your appointment there is no additional preparation required and you will experience the benefits of one of the only specific quit marijuana hypnosis programs available in Adelaide.

Ready To Clear The Green Haze?

You can quit marijuana over 3 – 5 sessions. This is not claimable within the Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy package.

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What Past Marijuana Clients Have Said

Amazing! I haven’t touched marijuana since hypnosis with Ben. I am not a slave to marijuana. I am not dependent on a substance to get me through the day. Its amazing 🙂 i feel free, happy & health. Ben has given me my life back 🙂

I felt once I had decided to stop that I would use Hypnosis as a tool to assist and make the change much easier which it has. I no longer smoke and feel comfortable that I have quit and no longer need to smoke to get through. The experience was good, casual atmosphere, not to clinical.


*These reviews are the comments of individual people and as such their results may vary from your own.