Public Speaking

public speaking hypnotherapy adelaideAs far as phobias go, public speaking tends to be the most popular that I’ve helped with since beginning hypnotherapy. This is because there are so many bits and pieces to do with public speaking that may affect your work life, personal life or both! Whether it’s having to lead meetings or giving a speech at a wedding to full blown presentations I have had the experience to give you public speaking hypnotherapy that will help you do well.

Your situation is taken into account when deciding the best way to move forward with your public speaking hypnotherapy sessions and the type of public speaking you are most likely to use will be our focus. As we progress through the sessions you will find that not only is your confidence to speak in public improving, but your confidence in general too. You will be able to stand in front of a group of people regardless how many people are there and actually feel comfortable talking to them. You may almost go as far to say you are excited to be speaking to the group by the time we’re done working together.

It is a reality of many people’s lives that at some stage they will need to speak publicly. More and more jobs are including public speaking components and it is highly likely that you will be asked to give a speech at a wedding, birthday, funeral or some other large occasion. Do something about it now instead of waiting to stammer and stutter your way through with sweaty palms and a racing heart. Book your public speaking hypnotherapy and see for yourself how easy it will be to master being the public speaking star.

Be A Star Speaker

Over 4 – 6 sessions learn to overcome a fear of speaking to crowds.

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