Lifestyle Hypnosis

Privacy Policy

During your interactions with Lifestyle Hypnosis some of your information may become available to us either electronically or in our office. This may occur (but not limited to) when you:

If your information is collected it is stored securely either digitally or in office. This information is not provided to any person or organisation and used solely for the needs of Lifestyle Hypnosis. This may become exempt where disclosure of information is required by law under a court order or subpoena or consent has otherwise been obtained to share information.

The information collected from this website may include (but not limited to):

Information collected in person during an appointment may include (but not limited to):

This information is all kept securely and not shared with any other person or organisation unless required by law or express consent is given to share this information.

If Lifestyle Hypnosis deems that withholding of any information may result in harm to any person (including the client) in any way (including mental harm) Lifestyle Hypnosis may disclose contact details and reason for concern to a third party such as emergency services.

Online Booking Special Notes

Our online booking system is protected by security measures such as password encryption and anti-hacking. Lifestyle Hypnosis does not have the ability to view passwords however is able to reset passwords where requested. It is advised to use secure passwords containing letters, numbers, capitals and lower case letters and a special character (i.e. !@#$).

When registering your email address with our online booking system we strongly suggest that you use a personal email address and avoid using work or shared email addresses as the reason for your visit is collected during the scheduling of your appointment and will be included in confirmation emails and reminder emails.

Use Of Comments, Reviews Or Testimonials

If a review, comments on service or a testimonial is sent to Lifestyle Hypnosis, it will be published on our website and may be used in other promotional material. The comments will be published with a first name, date of sending, hypnotherapy goal (generic goal titles only used) and your comments. Comments sent in may be shortened, restructured or in the case of submission via survey be a summation of various answers provided as one statement. The first name will usually be a true name, where requested pseudonyms may be published. Comments published are all quotes from the client regardless of whether a true name or pseudonym is used. Where spelling or grammatical errors occur, they will be corrected without changing the meaning of the word / senetence. If a review is sent which has elements of positive and negative comments, this will be reflected on our website. All reviews are published in the spirit in which they are sent and are not manipulated to reflect Lifestyle Hypnosis in a more positive way than the review is intended. Lifestyle Hypnosis will not add new content to reviews nor will it deliberately omit important content of reviews. If clarification is needed, we will seek clarification from the client and post their quoted response.

Other Websites

This privacy policy is relevant to Lifestyle Hypnosis only. This website may link to external websites such as social media sites and this privacy policy does not apply to these external sites. Please review their privacy policies when deciding if you are prepared to browse those websites or share your personal information with them.