Making The Most Of Your Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

By Ben Liston, Hypnotherapist, Lifestyle Hypnosis – Adelaide

As a hypnotherapist in Adelaide who assists many clients to quit smoking in Adelaide, South Australia I get to see a lot of people who have a lot of different ideas about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking. Some people believe that hypnotherapy should be doing all the work for them, others expect it to have no benefit at all and all levels in between. The reality of effectiveness for quit smoking hypnosis is that the hypnotherapy is only as good as you allow it to be. This article really discusses your side of the session but don’t be fooled. There is a lot of work that the hypnotherapist is doing behind the scenes and we have our own set of performance indicators so as you read the article just remember, it is written for you, the client, and the hypnotherapist has twice as much (or more) to take into consideration in your success.

A good hypnotherapist will be able to coach you and guide you to trusting that quit smoking hypnosis will be successful for you, all you have to do is trust that they know more about how hypnosis will help you than you do. They are the expert right? This is both true and false. The hypnotherapist does know more than you about hypnosis and coaching but you know more about what works for you than they do. This makes you a very important factor in your success. You are working together as a team to reach your goal of quit smoking. It is the job of the hypnotherapist to give you positive suggestions that help you to quit smoking and your job is to follow those suggestions. As the hypnotherapist has no control over you it comes down to whether or not you choose to follow suggestions or to not, and it is a choice.

To get the most out of your appointment recognise that hypnotherapist will actually be following your lead. If you talk about stress and boredom a lot, the hypnotherapist will give you a lot of suggestions around stress and boredom. If you talk about addiction and lack of control, the hypnotherapist will give you a lot of suggestions around breaking the addiction and taking control. Knowing this beforehand can give your session the edge you need with the right hypnotherapist. Very seriously think about what factors play into your smoking. What’s caused your past quit attempts to fail? Do you honestly have any reservations in quitting and if so what are they? By knowing the score with your smoking prior to your appointment you can guide the good hypnotherapist to be responsive to what you need. When you have your appointment be as open and frank and to the point as you can. By letting the hypnotherapist know what you’ve realised through your reflections prior to your appointment they have the best opportunity to provide you with the session you need and not the session that they only think will work.

During the quit smoking hypnotherapy appointment the hypnotherapist will tell you a lot of different things. There is often more information coming at you than you can actually consciously digest. By the end of the session you may not remember everything that was said but you can trust that your unconscious mind has taken it all on board. By being open to the process and trusting in your unconscious mind you remove any doubts or concerns you might have. Doubt and concerns act as anti-suggestions and serve to make the process of quitting smoking harder than it needs to be. Sometimes the hypnotherapist will be telling some very obvious things and other times they will enlighten you and again at other times will begin to tell you things that don’t seem to make sense or have relevance to quitting smoking. This is where the trust comes in. The hypnotherapist has spoken to more people about quitting smoking than you realise, they’ve done the research, they have the face to face experience. They understand the way the mind absorbs suggestions and how people tend to respond to the goals they set for themselves. In a good hypnosis session the hypnotherapist will give you what you need before they give you what you think you want. If the hypnotherapist is guiding you to certain suggestions and conversations be open to it and trust that there is a really good reason for it. There is a lot to do in a quit smoking hypnosis session and sometimes we just don’t have the time to explain the reason we are suggesting what we are suggesting. Sometimes the process works better if we don’t explain as well.

After the session is drawing to a close the next steps are probably the most important factor in whether you will get the most out of your session. Once you leave the office then it really is now all up to you. Sometimes people will feel the need to “test” the hypnosis. If you go about testing the hypnosis you will find that you still have full control over smoking. By lighting a cigarette just to see if you can you will find that not only are you still able to smoke, you will continue to smoke from that point on. Other times you may not feel like anything at all has happened. You will feel so normal and it will seem like that day was just a day like any other. This doesn’t mean that hypnosis hasn’t worked. If you walk out feeling like nothing happened give yourself a chance to integrate the new information your unconscious has received and see how you feel in a few days. By then you’ll probably be surprised that you’ve found quitting smoking was much easier than you anticipated. In order to be successful, you need to leave the session having made the decision that you are now a non smoker and then actually stop smoking.

The last piece of advice I will give the perspective quit smoking client is simply this. Once you’ve had your hypnotherapy session treat your goal of quitting smoking like a cold turkey attempt. Almost pretend like you haven’t had hypnotherapy at all and the new things you’ve learnt came from a book or the internet. By doing this you are taking full accountability for your goal and you will find reaching your goal is easy.

Hypnotherapy is a tool to help you quit smoking. Tools in any circumstance only ever work when you use them. So if you’re booking an appointment be prepared to work with the hypnotherapist and the session and not against. Walking in thinking the person in front of you is going to do the work for you is like buying flat pack furniture and the waiting for it to build itself. It just won’t happen, you need to build it if you really want to enjoy the furniture you’ve just bought.

All the best with your quit smoking journeys.

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