Client Reviews

Here’s what some previous clients have had to say about the hypnotherapy offered by Lifestyle Hypnosis.

Overall experience was very pleasant. What’s different is positive comments from family and friends about quitting.

Great, it is a good feeling just knowing that Ben has your back, he believes in you. I’m not smoking.

Lifestyle Hypnosis was different.  A lot longer, more involved, better. Ben is an experienced and gifted hypnotherapist. What’s different is a reduction in anxiety, more resilience but still a work in progress.

Overall experience was good, I’m a non-smoker!

I really enjoyed the experience, it was so relaxing and not daunting at all.  I went great for the 1st 4-5 weeks, didn’t crave anything or didn’t feel like I was missing out on food etc, but I do feel now that I have let things slip and I am looking forward to my next session to get back on track!! I classed my experience as having the devil on my shoulder knocked off and the angel the dominant – I still had to use willpower but it didn’t feel as if I had to use it so strongly.

Great, I am able to push the emotions aside and relax. Thank you for all the help. I have learnt a lot and feel as good as new.

Amazing! I haven’t touched marijuana since hypnosis with Ben. I am not a slave to marijuana. I am not dependent on a substance to get me through the day. Its amazing 🙂 i feel free, happy & health. Ben has given me my life back 🙂

Very positive experience.  Ben provided a safe and supportive environment in which I could explore the underlying reasons for my feelings of anxiety and instilled in me the belief that I can take control of my reactions to situations. I have a more objective view of myself and am confident that I do have the knowledge and the ability to respond appropriately in most situations. In hindsight, if I had made the appointment when I first considered it, rather than waiting for the catalyst of a very distressing panic attack, I would have already had the tools to enable me to react differently to a very stressful situation.

I did find the experience very relaxing and better than other psychology type sessions I have tried before. I have tried to remember the analogy especially of trying not to think about something – if it is a branch of a tree and you keep remembering it – that branch will get better.  So if the thoughts I were experiencing pop up into my head I try straight away to think of something else, something nice or funny. It was a positive experience.

It has been 3 months since our session and haven’t had a cigarette. First few weeks were a little hard but the session we had gave me the confidence in myself to continue. Thanks very much.

Great and relaxing. I’m a non-smoker now. It has been a great experience.

I really enjoyed it. I was disappointed when I realised I would only have 1 or 2 more sessions but as time goes on I realise that I’m actually sleeping better and can survive well on 6 hours and always wake up refreshed even if I’ve been called out and only had 2 hours like last week!!! I also feel calmer and we worked a bit on eating habits and that has stuck with me too.

Ben made me feel more relaxed and I felt much more comfortable. I felt so relaxed and calm. I have not had a smoke since my appointment and I don’t intend too.  I feel so much better physically and mentally. Thank you!

Couldn’t be happier! I do not smoke!!! 🙂 Thank you Ben! I have referred a lot of people your way. My family thanks you also 🙂

Great experience should have done it sooner. Being a non smoker feel healthier.

Amazingly relaxing and simplistic, I don’t even think about cigarettes anymore. It was all amazing.

I found the hypno to be an excellent experience. I have more self awareness and confidence

Very comfortable, relaxing and in my case successful. I’m a non-smoker Yee Haaa!

Ben makes you feel relaxed and confident. I have a different outlook on my diet. Overall a great experience.

Initially I was a little skeptical, however I found the experience to be very professional and enjoyable. The reinforcement provided by hypnosis assisted my weight loss process. Above all else it was the most relaxing experience.

What’s Different:
Better food choices.
Willpower to mindfully recognise what are/are not good food choices.
Deciding when I am really hungry and need to eat.
Eat for eating sake and not for food sake!

Lifestyle Hypnosis Difference: More effective. My overall experience was very good and I am now a non-smoker.

Feeling better, wouldn’t change anything. Very professional and very happy with the follow up.

This was very good, relaxing and with confident help from Ben I have finally quit smoking for nearly 6 weeks. I have already suggested this to my friends that smoke to give it a try.

Ben was terrific, the whole experience was thought provoling, and I learned a lot about myself and why I adopt some destructive behaviours – and how to deal with them. I feel more self-confident and am much more comfortable with asserting myself. I am learning to put my needs first, rather than everybody else’s.

I found it suited me more as it made it easier to quit. I enjoyed the experience and worked well on me. I am a non smoker. Thank you.

Ben really listens to you and I felt I could open up to him. I had a very stressful 12 months including two close family members dying and a Job upheaval. I was drinking a bottle of wine a night sometimes 2. Always by myself at home and of course this led to depression. It got to the stage that I couldn’t stop myself. I now do not drink on week nights and only have a drink on the weekend. Sometimes I don’t even bother but at least it is under control.

Ben is good at what he does, felt comfortable. I’m now able to place my mind and attitude in a different area so I don’t get frustrated and angry so easily.

My experience with Lifestyle Hypnosis was fantastic, I would definitely return when I need assistance with any other goals I wish to achieve and I would most definitely recommend Lifestyle Hypnosis to friends and family.

I’d recommend Lifestyle Hypnosis, it gave me confidence to look at myself & lifestyle to help me achieve what I was setting out to achieve, gave me the skills to succeed. I didn’t have any negative thoughts put into “my head”, just positive reinforcement that I can achieve my goal. I am not wasting money buying smokes. I am feeling great. I would definitely go back if I had any others issues I needed help dealing with.

I enjoyed the experience, I was very surprised how powerful it was. I was very pleased with Ben’s professionalism and the rate at which the appointments went. I felt like I got a lot from each session. I definitely feel less anxious and have some level of control over my addiction.

I found Ben to be confident with the procss and responsive to my goals and situation. Even though I am still sometimes waking I find the techniques Ben showed me are making me feel more in control of my own body and confident that I can take appropriate steps to manage my issues.

At first I didn’t know what to expect and had a half critical attitude towards it wondering if it could really work. After the session ended i quit cigarettes and haven’t touched them since November 2013.

It has been life changing. To finally be a non smoker feels great and I could not have done so well without the therapy. now enjoy the benefits of being a non smoker. The experience was a positive one for me so I can’t really offer any way to improve the sessions.

Thank you I have not had a smoke for 5 weeks. And my trip back home next year is half way there. After being a heavy smoker for 50 years never thought I would ever be able to stop, have tried everything going and it takes a hypnotist to stop it. So thank you again.

I found it similar in onset to meditation but enabled by the hyonotherapist’s focus. Although it has been many years since I was last under hypnosis, I was heartened by the results. I’ve been able to work consistently and am overcoming the problems with sight reading and short term memory which forces many repetitions.

It was a really enjoyable experience. Ben is a true professional and was great to work with. I am conscious of my actions and my thoughts around them. I have not lost all the weight I was planning but it will slowly happen. The location and times were convenient. Communications were easy and Ben was flexible with session times. I just wish I could afford to visit him more often!

It was good, felt very relaxed with Ben, what he was saying made perfect sense to me. I am now a non-smoker. I am a non-smoker, I no longer see my self as a smoker who has quit or is trying to quit. I used to smoke I dont anymore.

As it was my first time taking part in Hypnosis I thought I would be totally unaware of what was happening during my treatment. To my surprise I was fully aware of every thing Ben was saying. Overall, I found it to be very relaxing. Our conversations regarding my goals prior to Hypnosis were repeated by Ben which was like a soft voice in the back of my head. I am so grateful that Ben was able to see me in my own home. I found the stairs to his office were too painful for me to climb.

Thank you Ben for helping me to get back on track. Regards Bob.

Thought you would like to know that the day I came to your hypnosis session was the last day I had a smoke. I havent smoked for 5 weeks today.  I feel much better for it and dont crave the nicotine but sometimes the habit still trys to suck me in, but I am stronger than that.

Greatly enjoyed the experience. Wanted to come back after two weeks but work schedule/family commitments have not permitted this. I am more mindful of what I am eating, although I do still overeat. Experience was great, advice was valuable. Want to commit to more sessions.

I am more relaxed, and can think before I eat rubbish food. I am glad I went, Ben made me feel relaxed.

I would describe my experience of hypnosis as excellent. Not so many squawks and I am much, much happier.

I am very happy as I have had good results. I no longer use sleeping tablets. Previously I hadnt slepted the whole night through for over 13 yrs and nothing was working so I’m very happy now i can sleep the whole night.

I found my experience to be very comfortable, professional & I started to see results within the first week. I would go back to see Ben again and would recommend Lifestyle Hypnosis to friends.

I’m 10 kilos lighter, I eat less and feel more satisfied with my food choices plus most importantly, I feel lighter emotionally too. Although I still consider making some bad choices, overall my thoughts around food have changed and Im not eating so much as a result of my emotions, rather I listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry, and stop when I’m full. I haven’t been able to do that in the past.

I was extremely impressed with Ben’s manner and professionalism. I have not had a cigarette since my initial session and that was over five months ago. This has changed my lifestyle and has motivated me to make other positive changes. Highly recommended, if you need a bit of extra help to accomplish your goals, don’t hesitate.

Ben is very pleasant and easy to speak to. He listens to what you have to say and remembers. He is honest and wants you to get better. I am feeling a lot more confident, not so stressed, much happier and getting better every day. I would recommend Ben to anyone that needs any form of help. He would do his best and he is there for you.

I felt once I had decided to stop that I would use Hypnosis as a tool to assist and make the change much easier which it has. I no longer smoke and feel comfortable that I have quit and no longer need to smoke to get through. The experience was good, casual atmosphere, not to clinical.

It was such a valuable experience. I gained so much more hapiness and everyone has noticed the difference.

Just a quick note to say – THANKS Ben! After a dreadful 6 years of battling Depression and Anxiety, thanks to you, I am now free of this debilitating condition. No more prescription drugs that made me feel quite sick and a much better outlook on life in general. I was absolutely amazed at how just a few very pleasant Hypnosis sessions have changed my life for the better. I’m now recommending your services to other people suffering similar symptoms and I sincerely hope they take my advice to make an appointment with you.

Just wanted to let you know I feel like I have definitely turned a corner with beating the smoking addiction. I’ll use the visualisation strategy you suggested, but after my two sessions it does feel like it’s been ages since I became a non-smoker and that feels great =)

My gambling urges have stopped. Ben is very good at making you feel relaxed and confident and is very professional

I am still not smoking, I have recommended Ben to everyone I know, I still cant believe it, I actually feel like I have never been a smoker, it’s great thanks again.

I felt quite relaxed after each hypnotherapy session and looked forward to experiencing that relaxed sensation. Ben made me feel quite relaxed and at ease, I found it quite easy to talk about what was happening in my life even when I usually find it hard to do so.

I feel like I did when I was a teenager healthwise with taste and smells. I found Ben informative and helping me to set goals at home and work. The experience was uplifting, refreshing and new.

My experience with Lifestyle Hypnosis was surprising. Unsure at first but I began to see changes fairly quickly. I’m feeling happier and more confident within myself at facing these problems. I am now heading in the direction which I want to head.

My first thoughts about hypnotherapy were sceptical and unsure, but after seeing Ben at Lifestyle Hypnosis I have now come to be a strong beleiver in hypnotherapy. Ben was able to ease my mind and then was able to help with the issues that i wanted to resolve, after years of trying to solve anxiety and social phobias via alternative methods I decided to try hypnotherapy and am happy to say that after only one session the results was more than amazing. I will be going to see Ben on a regular basis to work on other life complications that i wish to work on. Calling Lifestyle Hypnosis was the door to letting my mind explore and your soul relax.

Seeing Ben has absolutely changed my life. I went from depression, constant painful anxiety, and feeling like I was doomed to live my life in pain, like there was no hope; To what I have become today: Confident, excited for my future, enjoying life, and having a greater understanding of myself than ever before. My first session I was very nervous about entering hypnosis, but Ben explained it fully and was able to answer every question I had (believe me I had a lot of questions) confidently and logically. Ben was happy to personalize the session to suit my requests, which made me feel assured that I had come to the right place. He is a clever and brilliant man. No matter what issue I came to him with; although seeming massive in my head, there was no single time that he was unable to break it down almost immediately and show me that the solution was simpler than I thought. I have made dramatic improvements in almost every area of my life, and I know that without Ben coaching me and giving me advice, I would be surly lost. I recommend Ben to anyone looking to make improvements in their life, personally and professionally.


*These reviews are the comments of individual people and as such their results may vary from your own.