If you are wondering what happens during a hypnotherapy appointment the answer really is that it depends on you and what you need. Whilst the content of every appointment is different and tailored to your needs, your hypnotherapy appointment will follow a basic flow.

If it is your first visit you will be asked to read a document which outlines everything you need to know about your hypnotherapy appointment, your privacy, obligations and other important legal information. Once you have read signed this document you will then be asked a series of basic background information which covers things like your health, your sleeping habits, how well you look after yourself, your experience with hypnosis and basic contact details. At the completion of the paperwork we then move on to the reason for your visit which is consistent across every appointment.

You will be asked about what brings you in, your history with your issue, what you would like to achieve and if it is a subsequent appointment what has changed since your last visit. Once we have discussed your needs we will then begin to talk about strategies, useful information or anything really that will begin to help you change.

During the talking part of your hypnotherapy appointment you may be asked to complete visualisations, short exercises or complete simple techniques that will begin to affect change in your life and drive you toward to your desired outcomes. At the completion of the talking component, which may be short or may take up the majority of your session (everyone is different) it’s then time for hypnosis.

You will be hypnotised in your first session. Even if you have been hypnotised before you will be given a full explanation of what to expect during your hypnotherapy appointment, what you need to do and some background about what misconceptions are untrue regarding hypnosis. After the explanation, you are then asked to relax and the hypnosis begins.

During the hypnosis portion of the session you will be comfortable, relaxed and experience feelings and thoughts that are unique to you. I will be talking to your subconscious mind (you don’t even have to really listen to me if you don’t want to) and this will go on until you’ve been given all of the positive and helpful suggestions you need. During this time the style of suggestions may be a story, direct suggestion or just general discussion. There are hypnotic reasons for giving different styles and giving different suggestions, none of which you will need to be concerned about.

As the hypnosis comes to an end, you will be asked to open your eyes and will feel refreshed, awake and generally better than you felt before the process of hypnosis began. For some there are a couple minutes of sleepiness or drowsiness but this soon passes and often you will feel like you’ve just had a fantastic nap.

By the time you have left the office you are completely awake, aware and refreshed. You are able to drive immediately and will probably be looking forward to seeing what changes for you between appointments.

The whole process is comforting, relaxing, low pressure and very natural. There is no reason to be anxious or worried about your appointment. No need for special preparation and unless you are feeling unwell your energy levels or alertness won’t impact your ability to be hypnotised.

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