About NLP

Neruo-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is model for our thoughts, how we communicate and our patterns of behaviour and seeks to improve upon them. We allow ourselves to create shortcuts in our mind for our behaviours and responses (habits) so that we can better navigate through our lives and from time to time the shortcuts we create do not serve us as well as we’d like. By using NLP we are able to reprogram our shortcuts through a variety of techniques in order to help us become more responsive, aware and show behaviours more appropriate to our lives.

By adopting new behaviours and habits, old problems such as anxiety, addiction or phobia can be collapsed and replaced with strength, confidence and happiness. Effectively retraining our unconscious minds to respond to triggers on our terms that serve us well.

Combined with hypnotherapy, NLP is a powerful tool that gives you ongoing ability to make changes, even without the need of a hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner.