About Lifestyle Hypnosis

Lifestyle Hypnosis was founded in 2008 by myself, Ben Liston. As a practice Lifestyle Hypnosis begun seeing clients in Perth, WA and upon returning to my home in Adelaide in 2009 ,I quickly established my office in Port Adelaide.

Over time I have grown Lifestyle Hypnosis into a leading hypnotherapy centre in the western suburbs, and Adelaide in general. It is my passion to continue to improve my practice, my skills and to always give my clients the best hypnosis available. To date I have helped in excess of 500 clients achieve a wide variety of goals, developed my own techniques which are effective and plan to continue to share my passion with anyone interested in being a part of it.

As a practice Lifestyle Hypnosis will always put the client’s needs first. I look at the big picture as well as the individual situations each of my client’s present with and formulate a treatment plan that works. By keeping you at the centre of what I do I can be flexible, successful and intuitive to your hypnotherapy needs. This means that you get the hypnotherapy you need, not the hypnotherapy the text books say works best based on a one size fits all approach.

My recognised hypnosis credentials are:

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certificate IV Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certificate Neuro Linguistic Programming
Clinical Member – Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA)
National Hypnotherapists Register Australia™
State Member Secretary – AHA South Australia

Using my skills to deliver hypnotherapy that works is my priority. Beyond that I strive to put my clients first and this shines through in every hypnosis session. My personality and approach will reassure you that you are a person to me, not just set of symptoms, behaviours or habits that need correcting.