Gambling Hypnotherapy AdelaideAn addiction to gambling has been a serious problem for many years and while there is support available when needed I often hear feedback that it islimited in it’s usefulness in some cases. Gambling hypnotherapy is different to counselling and different to the support telephone lines may provide. Lifestyle Hypnosis understands the urgency in curbing a gambling addiction and uses a range of techniques to reduce the likelihood of continued gambling on many fronts.

Through Lifestyle Hypnosis, I was one of the first hypnotherapists in Adelaide to offer a gambling hypnotherapy program specifically designed to help with stopping gambling, pokies and betting. The program used was designed by Lifestyle Hypnosis and is still one of only few tailor made hypnosis programs made specifically to help you stop gambling available in Adelaide today. The hypnosis is not adapted based on generic addiction or a variation of other addiction based programs (such as quit smoking hypnosis), it was designed with your success in mind.

The process followed is helpful for addiction to pokies, the TAB, sports bets and racing. It is really common for people to come in not knowing why they can’t stop, what the cause of the gambling is or the reasons so many prior attempts had failed and the good thing is you don’t have to know the answers to stop. It is a common result that those who complete 4 or so sessions for their gambling not only stop, but also stop fearing a relapse.

When completing gambling hypnotherapy with Lifestyle Hypnosis we will cover:

  • Compulsion control.
  • Positive decision making.
  • Removing emotional drivers toward gambling.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Removal of any shame, guilt or negative feelings toward past gambling.
  • Skills to repair any damaged relationships.
  • Increased drive to achieve other goals.
  • Improved emotional balance.
  • Any other aspects that are particular to your case.

If you are sick of walking out of the pokies room or TAB without enough money to pay your bills, that lump of regret in the back of your throat, having to lie to loved ones about where you’ve been or hoping your friends haven’t noticed how many trips to the ATM you’ve made then it’s time to book in and use hypnosis to regain control of your finances, your choices, your life.

Don’t Lose Another Dollar To Gambling

The stop gambling program is designed to work over 4 sessions.

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What Past Gambling Clients Have Said

My gambling urges have stopped. Ben is very good at making you feel relaxed and confident and is very professional


*These reviews are the comments of individual people and as such their results may vary from your own.