Lifestyle Hypnosis

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Have An Appointment During COVID-19?

We are lucky to be Adelaide during the global pandemic where we have minimal case numbers and have proven to be a responsible community during COVID-19. While this is the case it is possible to complete in-person sessions. In-person sessions are conducted in your own home minimalising your exposure to risk and safe practices such as hand sanitisation and physical distancing will be practiced. Lifestyle Hypnosis follows the health advice of SA Health and should it become unsafe to proceed with sessions we will temporarily hold services until it is safe to resume. For those who are particularly concerned or in a high-risk category we also offer sessions via Skype.

In The Past You Used To Help With Multiple Goals, Why Have You Limited Your Appointments Now?

Some may have noticed that Lifestyle Hypnosis discontinued services for an extended time and during this period the way we do things have changed. During our re-launch we are implenting a new business model and new way of doing things. While maintaining what made Lifestyle Hypnosis a successful practice and adapting to new practices we are deliberately limiting services and appointments to enable us to adjust and adapt as needed. Flexibility during this time is key to our success and as we refine our services our appointment offerings will be increased in due course. In our contact form we have an option to be notified as new appointment types are offered so you can be kept informed.

I Was A Previous Client Of Lifestyle Hypnosis, Can I Return?

We really appreciate our past clients and are grateful for the support you have shown over the years. We would be absolutely thrilled to see you again and re-establish a great working relationship. Please contact us and we will send you information about how to make an appointment with us again.

I Don't Feel Comfortable Making Contact Or Appointments Via Your Website, Is There A Phone Number I Can Call?

As mentioned above we are implementing a new way of working which for the time being involves changes to the way we accept appointments. While we implement our new business model and refine our practices we are using an online only contact model. This is also in part because while we re-launch the practitioner will need to maintain employment and we cannot guarantee responsiveness via telephone during working hours. If you feel uncomfortable with this we understand and you may wish to consider seeking the services of another provider. You can feel assured that if you make an appointment, it will proceed as scheduled and the appointment itself will be very personable and engaging.

I Don't Live In The Adelaide Metro Area But Notice You Have Online Appointments. Am I Able To Book One Of These?

Of course! We can hold appointments online with anyone in the world. Session fees need to be paid in advance of your session and are in Australian dollars for those living overseas. Please note sessions are conducted in English only. Feel free book your appointment at any time.