Drinking Hypnotherapy AdelaideFor some drinking is just a part of life but for a large number of people drinking is a part of their lives that they aren’t controlling as well as they’d like. Reducing alcohol intake, or stopping alcohol intake all together is actually not as easy as most would think and is often a source of frustration amongst those who would like to take control back. This is where alcohol and drinking hypnotherapy can help.

In years gone by it was common for alcohol support to only be offered to those who were classed as alcoholics however more recently our drinking behaviours have come under scrutiny and it seems that those who are not alcoholic but who are also not in complete control of their drinking require just as much support.

Whether it’s the occasional night of binge drinking with no signal to say you’ve had enough, or a glass of wine too many with dinner, a way to unwind after a stressful day or seemingly endless social and work events, most get to the point where they realise they need to do something. Alcohol and drinking hypnotherapy can help to give you the motivation, commitment and awareness you will need to actively bring your drinking under control or simply stop it all together.

What ever the drinking habit you would like to change, Lifestyle Hypnosis has a program for you. Using our approach to drinking hypnotherapy you will experience:

  • Increased awareness of when you have had enough to drink based on your circumstances.
  • The ability to socialise, destress or pass boredom without utilising alcohol.
  • Increased focus on health, good sleep and positive decision making.
  • Removal of drinking triggers.
  • Any emotional drivers behind drinking cleared.
  • Improved decision making skills.
  • Any other techniques or processes that your situation may require.

If you are ready to take back control and remove excess drinking from your life then 4 – 6 sessions is the solution for you. Use hypnosis to gain the edge and to reclaim life.

Control Your Drinking

For best result, allow for 4 – 6 sessions to control the amount of alcohol you drink.

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What Past Drinking Clients Have Said

Ben really listens to you and I felt I could open up to him. I had a very stressful 12 months including two close family members dying and a Job upheaval. I was drinking a bottle of wine a night sometimes 2. Always by myself at home and of course this led to depression. It got to the stage that I couldn’t stop myself. I now do not drink on week nights and only have a drink on the weekend. Sometimes I don’t even bother but at least it is under control.

I enjoyed the experience, I was very surprised how powerful it was. I was very pleased with Ben’s professionalism and the rate at which the appointments went. I felt like I got a lot from each session. I definitely feel less anxious and have some level of control over my addiction.


*These reviews are the comments of individual people and as such their results may vary from your own.