Unfortunately depression is a common issue amongst society today and what’s more some people don’t even recognise that they are suffering from depression. Feeling just generally unhappy, unmotivated, unsocial or always tired are issues that many people cope with every day. It could be put down to stress or it could be deeper than that. Others have it more severely and more obviously and sometimes just getting out of bed seems like the worst idea in the world.

At Lifestyle Hypnosis it is my aim to make everyone who comes through the door feel better than they did by the time the session is over which is good news for those with depression. Whether you are confused about whether you have depression, or are very aware of it, depression hypnotherapy is available to help you.

While depression is not uncommon if you believe it’s just a part of life and will shift when it’s ready then you are suffering needlessly. When you seek depression hypnotherapy with me we use a solutions focussed approach which is not about dissecting the feelings, where they come from or even how they started. We figure out where you want to be in your emotional life and take the steps to move you there. You should feel proud that you’ve decided your worthy of feeling good and there is no shame in having depression nor is there shame in getting help to pass depression as soon as you possibly can.

Living life in the daily struggle to get out of bed, get going and taking time to enjoy the positives of each day is not something that you have to nor should put up with. You have every right and in fact deserve to feel good about yourself, your life and who you are and using depression hypnotherapy combined with my approach is one way of achieving the happiness you deserve. I want to help you clear your depression, regardless of it’s severity, and want to help you return to the healthy, happy person you know you should be.

Depression interferes with every aspect of life. It demotivates you, it changes your eating patterns, affects your sleep, your relationships, your social life is reduced, your thoughts become very negative and even your work suffers. By making the decision to clear your depression you are making a decision that will improve every area of your life and by the time you’ve healed you are much stronger and wiser person than when you started.

If you have depression, or even just suspect it, booking an appointment with me could be the turning point that moves you through this difficult stage of your life and return you to being yourself. There is absolutely no need for depression to go on any longer and using my hypnotherapy process will begin you turning that corner. For the best results, the 4 – 6 sessions is ideal and you will be able to feel the benefits right from your first hypnosis appointment.

Overcome Your Depression

It is usual to overcome your depression in 4 – 6 sessions however everyone is different.

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What Past Depression Clients Have Said

I would describe my experience of hypnosis as excellent. Not so many squawks and I am much, much happier.

Just a quick note to say – THANKS Ben! After a dreadful 6 years of battling Depression and Anxiety, thanks to you, I am now free of this debilitating condition. No more prescription drugs that made me feel quite sick and a much better outlook on life in general. I was absolutely amazed at how just a few very pleasant Hypnosis sessions have changed my life for the better. I’m now recommending your services to other people suffering similar symptoms and I sincerely hope they take my advice to make an appointment with you.