Lifestyle Hypnosis

Terms and Policies

By booking any appointment or arranging meetings with Lifestyle Hypnosis the following terms and conditions apply. Booking services by Lifestyle Hypnosis constitutes agreement to the following terms and conditions.

COVID Safe Policy

In person appointments will only proceed if there are no restrictions or health advice warnings issued by SA Health. If you have travelled in the past 14 days, come into contact with a person suspected to have COVID, are experiencing symptoms of COVID or awaiting a test result for COVID-19 bookings will be postponed until it is safe to proceed. Physical distancing is to be practiced at all times during an in-person appointment. In-person appointments must also be in-line with current government directives for the health and safety of client and practitioner.

Digital Appointments

Appointments conducted using a digital service, such as Skype or Zoom, are subject to the same privacy requirements as an in-person session. Whilst in session both client and practitioner must be in a room with no other people. Recording or screen captures are strictly not permitted. In order for the session to be possible the client must have a stable internet connection, microphone and web camera and the session must take place in a well lit location. If the quality of audio and video is poor the session may be postponed until the quality of the connection can be improved. Payment must be made per instructions emailed prior to the appointment taking place.

Appointment Arrival Time Policy

While we endeavour to arrive to your in-person appointment at the agreed time there may be factors that delay our arrival such as traffic or struggling to find your address. Please allow a 15 minute window from the start time of your appointment and the arrival of the practitioner. For digital appointments we will intitiate the appointment assuming you are online and have accepted any requests to add Lifestyle Hypnosis as a contact.

Also at times you may find that you are running late for your appointment. Where this is the case we appreciate a quick message to advise how late you will be. As we are travelling to you it is importantant to keep Lifestyle Hypnosis up to date if you are not ready for our arrival.

Appointment Cancellations

You are able to cancel any appointment you have made with 24 hours notice. There is the facility in place via our booking system to cancel without need to contact Lifestyle Hypnosis directly however if you prefer to make contact you are able to cancel directly with us. Rescheduling of appointments is also permitted up to 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

Cancellation or rescheduling of appointments within 24 hours will require contact directly with Lifestyle Hypnosis to ensure we are aware of the cancellation in the instance our booking system fails to notify Lifestyle Hypnosis of the cancellation in time. There is no fee for short notice cancellations where contact is made however failure to cancel may result in our practitioner arriving to your address unexpectedly and our ‘Not At Home / Not Online Policy’ (detailed below) will be enforced.

Where Lifestyle Hypnosis needs to cancel or reschedule appointments we will provide as much notice as possible. There may be times where short notice is given or where Lifestyle Hypnosis needs to delay your appointment start time on the same day. We appreciate your patience and understanding where this occurs.

Not At Home / Not Online Policy

In instances where Lifestyle Hypnosis arrives to an address at an agreed time and the client is either not at the location or unable to proceed with the appointment (for any reason) a fee of $20 will be charged to compensate for time and travel expenses. Where a digital appointment is booked and you are not online you will be offered a rescheduled time and any session fee paid will be held for the new appointment time. Where no reschedule is accepted a refund of the pre-paid session fees less a $20 fee will be given. If you do not respond to our attempts to contact you within 28 days of the appointment time the full session fee becomes forfeit.

Refund Policy

Lifestyle Hypnosis strictly enforces a no refund policy.

No session is offered with a money back guarantee and no request for refund of services already provided will be considered for any reason. By booking an appointment with Lifestyle Hypnosis you acknowledge the session fee is to compensate for time and services, not results.

Right To Refuse Service

At the discretion of Lifestyle Hypnosis any appointment may be cancelled or refused. Appointments offered may be for specific services or to help with specific goals and any request that falls outside of these circumstances will be reviewed and a determination made about whether Lifestyle Hypnosis will decline an appointment. Client suitability for services of Lifestyle Hypnosis will also be considered. Please contact us if you are unsure that your appointment or suitability will meet guidelines.