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As an Adelaide hypnotherapy practice that is at the fore front, Lifestyle Hypnosis can help you affect positive change in your life. Using a tailored hypnotherapy plan you can achieve many different results ranging from quit smoking, weight loss, addiction removal or beating anxiety using the power of your mind. It is the passion of Lifestyle Hypnosis to affect quality changes and exceed expectations.

As a person who is genuinely interested in human behaviour, understanding people and what works when it comes to making change I have found myself to be a hypnotherapist who has never been afraid to push the limits on what is possible. My personality and professional development has led me to a preference of gathering techniques, concepts and strategies that work and adapting them to meet my needs as your therapist. I take the best bits of everything and use it to create my own processes that work. When you book an appointment with me you will get the best hypnotherapy that is at the cutting edge of our modern understanding of the mind, behaviours and habits backed up by the latest in neuroscience and influenced by many different styles of therapy beyond hypnotherapy alone.

Hypnosis enables you to access your unconscious mind and create powerful change that lasts. The reason we can struggle to affect change in our lives is because our unconscious minds learn specific behaviours and fall into routine and habit that make it resistant to change. Hypnosis works by updating our unconscious learning and open us up to new ideas, way of behaving or create more positive healthy habits. The way that I work is with you, not for you, coaching you to be the one who makes changes and supporting your personal development and helping improve for life in all areas, not just the problem area you are concerned with.

Using extensive knowledge, experience and training I have you can rest assured that no matter what your needs are, who you are or what circumstances you find yourself in, you can and will be helped with Lifestyle Hypnosis. I have already helped more than a thousand people improve themselves, grow and move forward from the hundreds of issues that have held them back for too long.

I am Ben Liston and the founder, owner, hypnotherapist and even the receptionist for Lifestyle Hypnosis. I created Lifestyle Hypnosis in 2008 as a student practitioner and as a fully qualified hypnotherapist am very proud of the calibre and diversity of hypnotherapeutic solutions that I have been able to provide my clients through Lifestyle Hypnosis. As an accredited hypnotherapist and member of our oldest and most prestigious hypnotherapy association you can feel assured of receiving high end, successful hypnotherapy. My qualifications include:

Ben Liston - Practitioner For Lifestyle Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy Adelaide

  • Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate IV Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Clinical Member – Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA)
  • National Hypnotherapists Register Australia™
  • State Committee Member – AHA South Australia


Please feel free to explore this website to find out more. Specific and detailed information is available for your reference and each page will answer for you any questions, concerns or provide you with useful information to help you feel very comfortable about choosing Lifestyle Hypnosis to assist you in your hypnotherapy needs.

If you are ready to book in, Lifestyle Hypnosis enables you to book your hypnotherapy appointments online. A very simple process and just the first step on a journey of change you won’t regret.

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